Is eating tamarind bad for men’s sex?

Is eating tamarind bad for men’s sex?

In our rural life in Bangladesh, there has been a long-held idea that “eating tamarind reduces a man’s sexual power”. Don’t laugh, Mister, I’ve heard this myth buster a lot in my childhood

However, now you get fresh information about the impact of men’s eating sour. There is no possibility of reducing the sexual power of a man by actually eating sour fruits.

Is eating tamarind bad for men's sex
Is eating tamarind bad for men’s sex

is the benefit of eating vitamin C ?

Vitamin C is the most abundant ingredient in sour fruits like tamarind, lemon, orange etc. This we all know.

Benefits of this vitamin C including tamarind

  1. increases sperm count
  2. increases male semen.
  3. stops sperm death inside the testicles.
  4. helps stop the birth of abnormally shaped sperm

The role of vitamin C for male sperm

Did you know that the precondition for giving birth to a child is to fertilize the egg, healthy sperm is needed to fertilize the egg? Vitamin C helps maintain good sperm health.

One study found that men who were unable to be a Father due to sperm health abnormalities were able to be a father after taking 1000mg of vitamin C twice a day for a month.Further studies have shown that when a man’s body is low in free radicals, sperm production is slowed down, In this case, vitamin C increases this free radical.

There is no harm If you take too much sour. Every time you urinate, the extra part is excreted. Because Vitamin C is soluble in water.

How much vitamin C safe for helth

However, it is better not to take more than 50 grams of vitamin C daily.

More benefit of tamarind

  1. Tamarind was commonly used to treat diarrhea, constipation.
  2. This fruit may boost heart health in several ways. It contains polyphenols like flavonoids, some of which can help regulate cholesterol levels.
  3. Tamarind is also relatively high in magnesium. Magnesium has many health benefits and plays a role in more than 600 body functions. It can also help lower blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects.(reference..
  4. Tamarind extract contains natural compounds that have antimicrobial effects.

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